Wooden Mini Scalloped Tray - Dark Brown


Perfect to display your favourite jewellery peices, our Wooden Mini Scalloped Trays are super sweet and special. Each tray is a testament to the artistry of skilled craftsmen who have harnessed the rich qualities of teak wood to create a functional piece of art. 
It features a smooth finish, scalloped edges reminiscent of ocean waves, and a contrasting two-tone wood colour palette to showcase the unique beauty of the teak's natural grains and rich hues. 

Size: D 6.5cm x H 1.2cm

Handcrafted in Indonesia

Care Instructions: Natural wooden products are a thing of beauty - care for yours properly and it will retain that beauty for years to come. It’s essential to use the right oil for rejuvenating your bowl. Food-grade mineral oil will improve your bowl’s resistance to water and salad oils. Apply it liberally with a soft cloth or paper towel and let it soak in well, overnight if possible. Then wipe off the excess and buff until the oil is absorbed completely.