Wanderflower Sheet Mask Set - Hydrate + Replenish


Treat yourself to the most natural of relaxation sessions with this Pre-Sleep Hydrate + Replenish Sheet Mask Set from Wanderflower. When you're feeling drained, it can take a more holistic approach to fully restore and replenish your energy. 

These carefully curated sheet masks are packed with natural ingredients to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate. This set contains 6 masks for a targeted pre sleep masking ritual that allows your skin wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Set Includes: 
1x Sweet Almond & Argan Oil Hair Mask
1x Lavender, Rose Oil & Hyaluronic Face Mask
2x Green Tea, Rose Water & Vitamin C Under Eye Masks
1x Peppermint Oil & Aloe Vera Foot Mask 
1x Charcoal & Witch Hazel Nose Strip