Sour Pink - Oak Framed Canvas (22.5 x 30cm)


Fresh juice, anyone? Sour Pink uses soft tones with a warm, gentle light source to bring a relaxing mood to any space. Pastel pink, purple, yellow and lime green complement a warm white shade for a cohesive look, making this a versatile piece for many interior design styles.

It captures all the comfort we feel on those sweet summer mornings and lazy afternoons, basking in the sun, surrounded by loved ones, and thinking about nothing. Using flat colours and soft brush strokes, this collection is just what you need to lighten up and refresh your space.

Housed in an oak box frame ready for hanging, standing or leaning in your space, this piece is the perfect size to add to your gallery-style wall, or to sit clustered in your open shelving with treasured ceramic pieces. 

22.5 x 30cm
Canvas in Oak Box Frame
Shadow Box Frames: A little different from a traditional framed print, the canvas sits within the box frame with a 5mm gap, creating a sophisticated shadow effect between the frame and the canvas. Our solid timber box frame mouldings are 10mm wide, and 55mm deep, and add approximately 40mm to the length and height of the listed canvas size.

Please Note: Styled image is of a larger canvas size + is for illustrative purposes only.