Mezcal and Tequila Cocktails

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 Indulge your thirst for new ways to enjoy tequila and mezcal with 60+ recipes for agave cocktails from a James Beard Award-nominatedauthor andNew York Timesspirits writer. From riffs on classics such as the Mezcal Mule and Oaxaca Old-Fashioned to new favorites such as Naked and Famous or Smoke and Ice, discover how to use mezcal and tequila to create cocktails in nearly every classic cocktail formula-from flip to sour to highball-that highlight the smoky, edgy flavors of these unique and popular spirits.

Robert Simonson, author ofThe Old-FashionedandThe Martini Cocktail,covers a broad range of flavors with doable, delicious recipes thatare easy to assemble, most only requiring three or four ingredients. Thiscomprehensive, straightforward guide is perfect for tequila and mezcal enthusiasts looking for creative waysto enjoy agave spirits more often and in more varied ways-or for anyone who just likes to drink the stuff.

About the Author - Robert Simonson writes about cocktails, spirits, bars, and bartenders for the New York Times. He is the author of A Proper Drink, The Old-Fashioned, 3-Ingredient Cocktails, and The Martini Cocktail. His writings have appeared in Saveur, Food & Wine, GQ, Lucky Peach, Whisky Advocate, Imbibe, and PUNCH, where he is a contributing editor. A native of Wisconsin, he has lived in New York City since 1988. 

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