Messene Necklace - Gold


The rippling surface of this 18k gold vermeil coin pendant envelops a smouldering garnet at its heart.

A symbol of resilience and passion, the Messene Necklace burns brightly.

LENGTH: 40cm / 9cm extension 

STONE PROPERTIES: Garnet carries the essence of primordial fire stimulating feelings of vitality, confidence, and strength. Garnet harnesses the energy of Venus, fuelling the fires of passion and sensuality. It was also treasured by the ancients as a stone of protection.

ELEMENT: 18k gold vermeil

FINISH: Polished 

Temple of the Sun use 18K gold in all their gold vermeil jewellery. All Temple of the Sun pieces are hand finished according to the highest standard, and their craftsman are certified to meet global standards in environmental management, social responsibility, and workplace safety.

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