Flow Necklace - Gold


A tranquil cascade of energy, the Flow Necklace features a series of five pendants crafted from 18k gold vermeil.

Graced with transformative smoky quartz, this flag necklace illustrates the strength found in surrender, reminding us to relinquish control and embrace the beauty of the unknown.

LENGTH: 45cm / 10cm extension 

STONE PROPERTIES: Smoky Quartz provides connection to Mother Earth. Its grounding vibration anchors us and helps us to maintain a level head. It is a stone of alchemy, transmuting negative energy into drive and determination. Smoky Quartz is remarkably diverse and transformative, helping us to manifest our goals.

ELEMENT: 18k gold vermeil
FINISH: Polished 

Temple of the Sun use 18K gold in all their gold vermeil jewellery. All Temple of the Sun pieces are hand finished according to the highest standard, and their craftsman are certified to meet global standards in environmental management, social responsibility, and workplace safety.