Demeter Necklace - Gold


The Demeter Necklace honours the Greek goddess of the harvest whose legacy is the turn of the seasons.

A simple polished pendant reflects the light emanating outwards from a heart of black onyx. Like the serenity of winter or the calm of night, it creates a nurturing space for rest and renewal before a magnificent resurgence. The sumptuously braided wheat chain emerging from this pendant represents the abundance and richness of its namesake.

An archetypal symbol steeped in rich history and cultural significance, the circle embodies unity and completeness. Perpetually in motion, this motif evokes the essence of eternity itself.

The Demeter Necklace holds space - a tranquil sanctuary for healing. Paving the way for joy and abundance to flourish.

Length: 40cm with 10cm extension

Temple of the Sun Gold Vermeil jewellery is hand-made from ethically sourced 925 Silver, finished with a high quality 2.5 Micron thick layer of 18K Gold plate ensuring the rich gold lustre is retained longer.

All pieces are hand-made according to the highest quality and their craftsmen are certified to meet global standards of environmental and social responsibility. Each piece of jewellery comes in its own luxury Temple of the Sun wallet.