City Block

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Cityblock explores city life in an exciting and unique way, from up in a high-rise building to down in the subway. Divided into three sections-things that go, things to see, and things to eat-it features 24 different aspects of city living. As with the other acclaimed books in the series, die-cut icons hint at the larger context on the next spread.

Each section opens with a full city scene but gradually focuses in on the small, unique neighborhoods that make the city large and grand. This clever book will attract young readers living in a metropolis as well as those in the countryside with urban life that pops off each page.

Author: Franceschelli, Christopher
Publisher: ABRAMS
Board Book
ISBN: 9781419721892
Dimensions: 15.9 and 13.3 cm
Publish Date: 1/09/2016
Page Count: 96