Caria Necklace Small - Silver


Evoking grace and fluidity, the Caria Necklace embraces the essence of flowing rivers. Showcasing an ethically sourced sterling silver round cable chain with interlocking links, creating a captivating snake chain effect.

Symbolizing and adaptability, this chain necklace embodies supple movement. A poetic tribute to the beauty found in graceful transitions.

LENGTH: 40cm / 10cm extension
ELEMENT: Stirling Silver
FINISH: Polished 

Temple of the Sun use recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver. All Temple of the Sun pieces are hand finished according to the highest standard, and their craftsman are certified to meet global standards in environmental management, social responsibility, and workplace safety.

The intricate interlocking links of this chain, demand a gentle touch. Treat with care, storing in an airtight bag in a loose coil to prevent damage to the links and tarnishing. Please refer to Temple of The Sun's Care Instructions for more information on how to care for your jewellery.