You Are Magic , Own That Shit - Rose Gold


We are all magic in our own way, sometimes we just have a hard time recognising it. We’re too close to ourselves and consumed in our thoughts to see just how our magic impacts the world around us. But it’s always there.

For those times when you feel lost, we want this bangle to be the friend that reminds you that You Are Magic, Own That Shit.

We all need a friend that reminds us we are magic. And with this, our Be. Team, Nikki and Sarah, have decided to share the reasons why we think of each other as magic. This is what we hope the bangle will serve to everyone, a way to remind yourself or a loved one that they have magic, and that they just need to own who they are.

Without further ado - we give you The Be. Team Magic Compliment-athon: 

"Nikki is magic because she has a heart of gold. She is a beacon of support and is always there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. But on the other hand, Nikki is also strong, and knows her boundaries. She is the most dedicated person you will ever meet, and makes any workplace shine when she is a part of it. Nikki, You Are Magic, Own That Shit. "
- Sarah

"Sarah is magic because she sees what others don’t. You might mistake her quietness and think she is enclosed in  her own world, but she sees all and understands more than you would ever know. Extremely bright and creative, Sarah carries “stuff” that would cause most people to stop and take cover, but she continues to push forward with a level of courage that inspires me on my darkest days. There’s no-one you would want on your team more than Sarah. She takes our crazy ideas and makes them happen. Sarah, You Are Magic, Own That Shit."
- Nikki

Let this bangle be the reminder you need. Because, You Are Magic, so Own That Shit.