Giving A Fuck Doesn't Really Go With My Outfit - Rose Gold

Many years ago I worked in the world of retail fashion.


It was the 2000s and the city streets were full of boutiques and designer concept stores.


Our jobs were about glamour and style, attentive service and making every woman feel like a celebrity.


And you know what?


I loved my job.


I wandered around all day in evening wear and high heels (mandatory) and lived for this job that bought me joy.


Was it deep and life-changing?


Ah. No.


Was it awesome fun?


You betcha.


Finally, I was offered a promotion. One I deserved.


It wasn't long until I started hearing the whispers...


“She only got the job because she looks good in the clothes”


“Obviously being competent isn’t a job requirement”


These comments should've shattered me,I  was young and these people were so much older than me.


But surprisingly


I didn’t give a fuck. 


Yes I looked good in the product.


But I also knew I had worked bloody hard. I had made my targets, I smashed every goal I had.


And the clothes were divine.
And oh, did I mention they were free? And in my twenties,not much was going to come between me and free designer clothing.


I had that glorious self-involvedness that you only have in your twenties, and without it, I may have listened to those comments. 


Instead, I chucked on my designer clothes and didn't give a fuck.
​Because it definitely didn't go with my outfit.


Are the people getting you down?


Dig deep babe.


Frock up.


Embrace your glammed up inner 20 something self.


And don’t give a fuck.


It doesn’t really go with your outfit.