Well - here we find ourselves again! Stuck at home with our own thoughts, our streaming subscriptions (don’t tell me you only have one!), the European summer starting to bloom on Instagram and we’re wondering when we might start getting back to normal again. To try and curb some of the boredom and incase you have ran out of shows to watch and breads to bake...we’ve curated a list of recommendations that might just get you through. 


#1 Jess Nguygen’s Truffle Gem Mac’n'cheese Bake

Well holy moly - this is the comfort food of all comfort foods! We first discovered Jessica Nguyen on instagram at the beginning of the first lockdown in 2020. I love following her due to her vast array of free recipes she cooks and shares on her instagram stories as well as her beautiful feed of plated meals! Whenever I need some inspiration for dinner… I look no further! Just this week, Jess cooked a Mac’n’cheese pasta bake using potato gems and truffle - as Jess called it - it’s a ‘Basic to Boujee’ spin on cooking and was super easy to make not to mention deee-lish. Check Jess out on Instagram @Jessica_nguyen_ and if you need a baking dish.. I know a place!


#2 Shameless Podcast (their weekly pop culture roundup as well as their bank of ‘In Conversation’ episodes!)

The beauty of this one is that although they drop two episodes per week - they have been recording for a few years. Chances are if you type your favourite influential people into your favourite podcast app - these two Melbourne women have interviewed them! They’re witty, smart, relatable, super informative and ask the questions you really want answered. You’ll fall in love with the hosts Michelle and Zara, as well as learn something interesting with every episode. They also have a book club which you can join in on each month as well!


#3 Killing Eve - STAN

Sandra Oh gives you some serious nostalgia (you’ll know what I mean when you see her in action!) whilst she races all over Europe to catch a brazen and fearless hit-woman. It’s not all action packed - we see her softer side whilst she navigates her obsession with catching the killer causing her relationship to crumble. You’ll love the scenery, the humour, the fashion, the constant rollercoaster of a storyline and the best bit - there are already 2 seasons!!


#4 F1 Drive To Survive - Netflix

Yes - I know what you are thinking - Formula 1 is not my cup of tea. But this is not just about a bunch of guys driving 60 laps around a track and sometimes having a movie-style crash - it is the fascinating look at the behind the scenes operations, the teams and the people behind them as well as each of their stories and backgrounds. It also gives insight into how such a large sporting event navigated Covid-19. When you start waking up in the night wondering who won the time trial in Monaco - we apologise!


#5 Adopt a Boxer puppy

No explanation needed - they will keep you busy!! You may have noticed Fred popping up on our Instagram - he is our newest edition to the Frankie Family and we love sharing his adventures with you all. Keep an eye out for his cute little face in-store!


June 13, 2021 — Rebecca Feldman